White edgeboard

Protection, stability and strength.

Our White Edgeboard is used both in industry and in agriculture, in non-high humidity storage facilities.

reciclable Recyclable and 100% biodegradable product  

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What do our cardboard corners offer?

palets cantonera blanca brillo

  • Protection: Our cardboard edge protectors provide protection from impacts that may occur during transport.
  • Stability: They also provide stability; preventing tipping and movement. Also used in palletized goods.





Where applicable

  • food-transport-protectionFood Industry ,
  • Cantonera blanca EmbalPACK frutaHorticultural Industry,
  • metal-industry-EmbalPACKMetalwork,
  • wood-edge-protector-EmbalPACKManufacture of wood,
  • manipulados-EmbalPACK-levantePaper Industry,
  • edge-product-protectorHandling Industry,
  • cargo-edge-protectors-used-for-palletizingChemical Industry,
  • glass-packaging-for-transportGlass Industry, etc.



For  measures not stated here, please request.

Wide(in mm)Thickness(in mm)Length(in mm)
33x33 2 to 4
35x35 2 to 5
38x38 2 to 5
40x40 2 to 6
45x45 2 to 6 350 to 6000
50x50 2 to 6
60x60 2 to 6
70x70 2 to 6
80x80 2 to 6


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